Pick Up League

Play Pick-Up Hockey at the Cow Palace

Pick-up hockey returns to the Cow Palace Tuesday nights from 6pm-7pm and weekday afternoons before Bulls games from 12:30pm-1:30pm (some Saturday dates also available.  Please refer to pickup schedule below).  The price is $20 for skaters and it includes an SF Bulls Seats on Goal ticket.  Goalies are free and have the option of purchasing discounted Seats on Goal tickets at $12.50.  Additional tickets for friends and family members to watch the SF Bulls game can be purchased for $12.50.


We also have prepaid sessions available that will guarantee you a spot for any pickup game of your choice.  The prepaid price is $100 for six games or $200 for 12 games.  You will also receive a 6-game Seats on Goal mini plan or a 12-game Seats on Goal mini plan, respectively.

Simply fill out the registration form below and submit.  Once you submit, an SF Bulls representative will contact you to confirm the date and time that you wish to play and collect your credit card information to reserve your spot.  The first 20 players and two goalies to confirm will be locked in to play.  Please be sure to print and fill out BOTH PDF waiver forms below and bring them with you on the day of your game.

See you at the Barn!

Additional guidelines and info:

  • Goalies play for free.
  • Ages 18 and over only.
  • Players must bring full equipment and a set of WHITE and BLACK jerseys.
  • Free parking for pick-up games.  $10 parking for SF Bulls games.
  • Your credit card will NOT be charged by the SF Bulls until we have enough players and goalies confirmed to play.
  • NO REFUNDS if you decide to cancel once pick-up game has been confirmed.  You will still receive your SF Bulls ticket.

Fighting and poor sportsmanship will not be tolerated – you will be asked to leave and will not be invited back.

The schedule can also be viewed in the Schedule tab by clicking on the Pick Up Hockey schedule.

Wednesday:  12:30-1:30pm Thursday:12:30-1:30pm Friday:12:30-1:30pm Saturday:12:30-1:30pm
1/9 11/22 11/16
3/19 1/30 12/20 1/11
2/20 12/27 3/29
3/13 1/10



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Pick Up Waivers

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